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  • You would think that the name alone would describe our e-juice, but rest assured our e-juice bottles are not ordinary. We make all of our e-juice right in our factories in the USA only using the highest quality ingredients. We use more flavoring than our competitors and have the highest quality/lowest price e-juice on the market. Try it. Compare it with another brand. You'll taste the difference we promise!
  • Better Than Mothers Milk
Dont hesitate to try out this flavor as it is loved by many. It will leave you wondering why you ever stopped breast feeding. It is a great strawberry milk flavor with hints of other flavors that surprise with every puff.
e-Cig Flavors
120ml bottles All of our bottles come in 20ml sizes
Made in the USA All of our flavors are made right here in the USA with high quality FDA approved ingredients. We mix our flavors in a sterile lab environment and make sure that our quality is better than the rest.
Customize your base (VG/PG) and your flavors Select your favorite blend of VG and/or PG. If you have a tank system and would like a think but delicious flavor, we recommend a 50/50 blend. If you have a mod we recommend 100% VG. It is your choice
All flavors are quality controlled We double check all of our flavors to make sure they meet your desired quanity.
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